So… More Group Decisions?

Hey everyone! Of course, real life gets in the way and I miss Mod Eugene’s departure.  I’m so sorry for my disappearance, everyone! But now that my summer is over I’m less busy (ironic, huh?) and it’s time for us to decide what will happen to the group.

I’m more than happy to keep it alive if that’s what you all would wish - and I could do that by myself, or take on another Mod if that is called for.  

But if I don’t get any response to this - sadly, this might be the end of C&F.  Without your support, I don’t know if I could get any farther.

So - now it’s up to everyone here. Please either comment or send in a message on your verdict.


This is Goodbye from Your Mod Eugene

Hello all! I really hate to do this because of how much I love and care for C&F but I feel like it’s time for me to move on. I’ve been unsuccessful in contacting Frollo so I figured I’d just post this here for everyone to see. Since I haven’t been able to talk with Frollo I sadly have no idea what she will want to do with the group. I’m sorry to do this but I feel like it’s time. I’ll miss you all and feel free to contact me anytime over skype or my RP blogs. Best wishes! <3

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Major Group Decisions!

Alright everyone.  So we’ve been receiving a lot of questions as to what’s going on with this group.  Where the Mods have been.  The decisions the Mods have come to.  We figured a central post would explain everything best.

Like we announced in our post looking for a third mod, Eugene and I are extremely busy right now and will be until the next school year starts up.  Because of this, we’re too busy to run our roleplay blogs, let alone the C&F main. Who we chose for our third mod ended up leaving our group.

So, regrettably, unless someone can step up and be a third mod, our group is going to have to go on a sort of summer-long hiatus.  This doesn’t mean you can’t keep roleplaying - we encourage it.  This just means the group main won’t be really up and running during the next few months.

Any further questions, comments, possibly more applications for third mod, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an ask.  We love everyone here and this group, but sadly real life must take precedent.  I’m sure everyone understands that.

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Syrena and Katherine have been Re-Opened.